Computer Maintenance

Liquids & Food

Keep them away from your laptop. Accidents can happen all too easily. Spilled liquids, crumbs etc will damage the internal components or cause electrical damage.

Beds, Carpets & Settees

Repeated use of a laptop here will cause the fans to suck up dust blocking the fan. Use a tray.

Do not Leave Your Laptop in a Car

Insides of cars experience large temperature swings that could damage a laptop, & a laptop is an inviting target for a smash & grab thief.

Plug Accessory devices into their proper slots

Jamming a device into the wrong socket could damage the sockets, making it impossible to use them again.

 Antivirus Software

Is the best defence against a virus, which can steal your data or may also slow down the performance?

 Protect the LCD display monitor

When you shut your laptop, make sure there are no items, such as a pencil, on the keyboard. These can damage or break the display screen if the laptop is shut on them.

Experienced Technician.

Every 12 months take your computer to a suitably qualified technician for a full maintenance check. It's a bit like getting your car serviced, your computer will perform better & last longer.