Laptop Buying Guide

Screen size 

You may need your laptop to be ultra-portable from 10.1" to 13" or maybe you want it to have a larger screen at around 14.1 to 17.3”. The most common screen size is 15.6".


The processor or central processing unit (CPU) generally determines the speed and power of your laptop. Seek advice from your local store, not from commission-based salespeople.

Memory (RAM) 

The more RAM your laptop has, the more tasks it can do at the same time.

4 GB Ram is usually enough for most users. If you are going to run certain programs check as they need more.

Hard Drive

The physical place where a computer stores information, applications & files. The bigger the more data it can store.


Not everyone will need this, it is a personal choice.


The most common ports you are likely to find on a laptop are USB 2.0, USB 3.0 to connect external devices such as keyboards, mice and audio players. VGA or HDMI for video output, headphone and microphone for audio, and card readers (most commonly used in cameras).

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