Printer Buying Guide


Ask for advice in your local computer store who are not commission based.

Find a good printer deal and check the price of cartridges.

Check how many pages a cartridge is quoted as doing.

Read user reviews online.

Consider different brands.

Choose a printer that will accept compatible cartridges, which will generally make it allot cheaper to run.

Think what you normally print, do you need to print just a few pages or dozens of pages a week?


Buy a printer because it is on sale or because it is cheap.

Blindly follow in-store recommendations from commission-based salespeople.

Assume cheap cartridges are better value.

And Lastly Before You Buy 

Ask yourself do you need any of the following features.

AirPrint - Print directly to your printer from a smart phone or tablet.

Card Reader - If you use digital cameras or other card-devices a lot, a built-in card reader slot saves a lot of time.

Duplex - Printing onto both sides of the page automatically, a great money-saver if your home printer does a lot of work documents.

ePrint - You can email your printer documents and it will automatically print them, perfect for leaving things ready for you at home.

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