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A high specification wireless gaming computer with 12 months warranty, ready to plug in and use out of the box.

Available to view in our Belfast shop Monday-Saturday from 9am. Many other makes and models are available.

* New CiT Flash Case

* New Nvidia GTX 1050 4GB Graphics Card

* Intel i5 CPU 3.10 GHZ

* New ATX 500 Watt PSU

* 16 GB Ram

* 240 Solid State Hard Drive + 500GB Secondary Hard Drive

* New Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

* Windows 10

* MS Office

Will play thousands of games, please check your games system requirements' before ordering.

***Why buy from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher?***
*Specialist high street computer shop since 2006, not someone working from their kitchen table, with no qualifications accepting cash-only payment & the warranty ends as soon as you walk out the door!!
*Thousands of repeat customers since 2006
*Our partnership with Microsoft & Intel alleviates concerns that buyers have regarding the legitimacy of who has the qualifications to supply computers.