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6 months warranty iPhone 12 64GB unlocked in excellent cosmetic condition, complete with charging cable & Phonecheck verification. Grade A+ Prestine Condition

Buying a refurbished iPhone 12 is a fantastic way to save money and get a great performing iPhone at a fraction of the original price.

**Phonecheck Verification** - This is a system that cross references the IMEI with the police, network providers and insurance databases to ensure that is hasn’t been reported stolen, had a warranty claim against it, lost or been in an insurance claim, or is counterfeit.

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Phonecheck Verification Report -

☑Ever Blocked: The device has never been recorded lost or stolen to phone networks that share their data with us.
☑Currently Blocked: The device is not currently recorded as lost or stolen by phone networks who share their data with us.
☑Stolen: We do not know of any non-network stolen reports for this device.
☑Lost: We do not have any non-network loss reports for this device.
☑Insurance Claim: We do not know of any insurance claims for this device.
☑AssetWatch™: The device is not being monitored by AssetWatch™.
☑Registered Owner: We do not have any public ownership records for this device.
☑Possible Clone: We do not have any clone records for this device.
☑Possible Counterfeit: We do not have any counterfeit records for this device.
☑Contract Status: We do not have any airtime contract records for this device.