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Good condition super-fast high spec Intel i5 14.1 inch laptop. Professionally refurbished by a certified engineer under the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program with 12 months warranty. We are a Dell business partner.

Our partnership with Microsoft & Dell alleviates the concerns that buyers have regarding the legitimacy of who has the qualifications to supply refurbished computers. Do you really need to save £10 or £20 buying from someone working from their front room with no qualifications, installing counterfeit software & the warranty ends as soon as you walk out the door!!

Powerful laptop suitable for home, business or students.

This laptop comes with original licensed Microsoft Software. Up to 80% of pirated software-loaded on computers are infected with malware & viruses. Ensure any computer you are buying has the licenses for the software you are paying for. Counterfeit Software is illegal, and it will damage your computer. For details search 'Microsoft How To Tell'

We have installed the following programs meaning there is no setting up to do and the laptop is ready for use out of the box.

Windows 10 Professional - A genuine copy of the operating system fully licensed, with product key & Certificate or Authentication.

Libre Office - Powerful office suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Gimp - Powerful photo editing software, can do more than most hobbyists would ever need.

Microsoft Antivirus & Firewall – Comprehensive, free for life, protection against viruses, malware & spyware.

Microsoft Edge – Super fast internet browser for Windows 10

The Laptop Comes With The Following High Specification Hardware.

Massive 320 GB Hard Drive - For storing your documents, photos, music etc

Huge 4GB RAM - For super-fast access to your memory

Super-Fast Intel i5 Processor - For the most demanding tasks

HD Graphics

HDMI - Transfer high definition audio & video to an external screen.

Webcam - Digital camera for sending live pictures to friends & family.

DVD/RW - For all your favourite movies & music.

Original Dell mains charger

14.1 Inch screen totally unmarked